Molly the Machine
Molly is a highly chambered neckthrough weighing just 6.6 lbs.

The intent of Molly's design was to create an articulate guitar with a delicate yet pronounced attack and musical resonance. To achieve the clarity required for this, emphasis was placed on creating a very rigid and very light structure between the bridge and nut. Eliminating the neck joint optimizes vibration transmission and minimizes structural mass, so the first design idea employed would be the "neckthrough" concept. 

Selecting the woods used in guitars is always important and this case, the tonewoods used for Molly are light, stiff, and very lively. I pay particular attention to the pieces used in the center strip. Prior to laminating them I make certain they have these characteristics.     

The pickups are Lace Drop & Gains. Very impressive tone on these...a surprising articulation that adds a great deal to the attack on quick transient hammer on's, pull offs, and picking. Great for players with a light, subtle touch. Molly is a lead player's axe though the clarity is also most impressive for chords and open tunings.

The outer body panels of Molly are highly chambered. See the bottom picture for a shot of that. 

Molly has a natural Tung Oil or wiped varnish finish. The neck is very fast and the guitar is very light, lively, and resonate. The acoustically transparent finish plays a role in that.

Nut width is 1.675". Scale length can be 24.75" or 25.5" with a baritone scale coming soon. The neck has a shallow, flat C shaping. A flat or compound radius fretboard is available.

Thanks for checking it out.

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