About Stuart Keith Guitars

Thank you for your interest in my guitars. 

Working alone, I build them in my shop near Spokane, WA.

The intention of this web site is to appeal to discerning players and guitar aficionados. As a builder, I compete with a group of very fine people who bring a wide range of talents and craftsmanship to their building. The following information is presented to highlight the craftsmanship infused into each of my guitars.

As the progeny of an analytical, methodical, and persevering father and a mother who plays piano, sight reads, paints, and sings like a bird, one might guess an internal conflict might result. But no instrument builder ever had a better set of parents. Analysis and the thorough testing of assumptions is a rigid way but when building instruments these disciplines are applied for the purpose of helping artists touch another person's heart. To convey pure emotion without the need for words…that’s music. The practical must mesh with the aesthetic for a musical instrument to exist. It’s as a link in this chain that I find a place. 

It is my distinct pleasure to ever refine my instruments to serve our music.

I've always leaned toward craftsman endeavors. I began to play guitars at the age of twelve and instantly began to take them apart, refinish, re-fret, setup, and re-wire them. As a product of the golden era of classic rock the electric guitar held a special fascination for me. I wanted to build them but never had the space or the tools. As a young man I owned a print shop and also worked as a journeyman lithographer...a skilled artisan position. I worked on all the Black Flag label artist albums, Paramount Movies promotional standees and VHS jackets, The Temptations albums, Beatles movies VHS jackets, too many to list. I moved on from there to become a commercial pilot and flight instructor. I worked at a professional (part 141) flight school for a few years and instructed free lance for ten years. When given the choice to fly for the airlines or start a business building composite aircraft propellers I chose to build propellers (only in America). I owned and operated that business for 20 years, doing research and development for Lockheed, Raytheon, Honeywell, ect. and was recognized as an expert in my field. My business delivered over 20,000 commercial propellers and amassed an excellent safety record. 

Aviation is a serious business. It was necessary to employ cad/cam/cnc in order to be taken seriously in that business. As I mastered the software programming and machining skills to produce composite propeller molds and tooling I also began to draw my first cad models for guitars. I was finally able to produce my passion...electric guitars. I acquired the first software in 1998, produced my first guitar parts in 2004, and played my first guitar in 2009. 

I sold the commercial propeller business in 2009 and have been a full time guitar builder since. I bring a serious attitude, an inherent understanding of vibration in structures, precision manufacturing experience, a habit of thorough analysis, and artistic sensibilities and style into my guitar building. 

With large production level Haas (VF4 and TM3) cnc milling machines in a shop out in the forest, it's an odd juxtaposition that inspires both my artistic and meticulous nature. My goal as a cad/cam specialist is not to mass produce instruments, but rather, to develop processes that convey the accuracy capability of these production level machines into my instruments for the sake of play-ability and artistic expression.

If you are interested in my electric guitars, please call 1 (509) 821-1451

...or send an e-mail to stuartgortsr@gmail.com

I'll be more than happy to talk electric guitars with you.

Thanks again!

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